Foundation and Corporate Relations

Foundation and ‌Corporate Relations at UMass Dartmouth works to expand and deepen the University's relationships with philanthropic foundations for the benefit of the University and the larger society. The University and its colleges/centers have many strong and long-standing ties with foundations around the country. Through its partnerships with the private and nonprofit sectors, the University strengthens its academic programs for students, its service to the public, and its position as a world class university.

Foundation and Corporate Relations provides long-term, strategic planning for many of the University's foundation relationships.

To accomplish this, the staff:

  • Participates in partnership- and relationship-building activities with foundations.
  • Promotes mutually beneficial relationships between foundations and University programs.
  • Provides direct assistance and support by identifying foundation funding sources for priority programs and preparing proposals to such entities.
  • Provides administrative and technological infrastructure for prospect coordination, planning, and solicitation, as well as other services to enhance relationships with foundations.
  • Serves as a liaison between foundation entities and academic, administrative, and research entities of the University.

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